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# – Minitek FAQ Book Translation. Posted in 'Minitek FAQ Book Pro'. Hi, how can I disable link in Topic Header? After clicking the Topic Title on the. I found the and files in the FAQ Book Pro zip file that is.

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Yes, that's right. The new version released in is completely different so you must recreate the data.

Ok thanks, if there's no other way I will have to do that. Did you try to login to the website I gave?

Because I am suddenly getting a error and the entire website doesn't work anymore, which started about when you first responded here could be coincidence, of course, but I just want to check to be sure. There's nothing I had done to that site that I hadn't also done to the live site, but the live site is still operational.

So trying to figure out what happened. No, I have not logged in.


Ok thanks, just got an email from the support of another website who were looking into a different issue so it was probably they who caused it. Thanks for letting me know! Changed Each Topic can be independently configured via parameters with independent permission levels per topic.

Changed First level topics do not serve as containers anymore. Instead, we have added Sections. Sections represent separate Topics containers.

Added Each Section can be independently configured via parameters with independent permission levels per section. Changed Articles are now called Questions. Each Question can be independently configured via parameters with independent permission levels per question. Added Added new menu items: All sections: Displays all Sections. Fixed Fixed problem where links and image urls in questions were not working correctly when navigating topics via the left navigation. Changed Small changes and bug fixes in admin interface.

Fixed Fixed bug with email notification when there are more than one recipients. Added Added message in front-end for missing section menu items. Changed Top navigation has been removed from the following views: Changed You can now change the question state when editing from front-end. Changed Changed return url for 'Edit question' page. The form will always return to the previous page. Changed Changed return url when saving a question.

The form will always return to the question page. Removed Removed the following config parameters: Fixed Fixed bug with missing topic icons in left navigation.

Added Topic icons can now be displayed in the topics tree in section page. Changed Small changes in admin interface.

Added Added new configuration parameter: Moderators pool. Added You can now assign different moderators per topic. Changed You can now assign specific user groups that can edit questions in the front-end.

Added You can now resend an email notification to the question author by checking the corresponding checkbox in the back-end question form. Fixed Fixed question edit links in topic pages.

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Changed Small changes in front-end css. Added Added FontAwesome icons to topics in left navigation. Added You can now select specific sections in the Sections menu item. Added Section topics 1st level can now be displayed in the Sections page. Added Added Russian language files. Fixed Small CSS fixes in front-end. Added Added configuration parameter that loads Joomla Bootstrap if needed. Changed Small changes in admin css. Added Added section name in topic selector.

Added You can now select which author name will be diplayed in questions; username or real name. Fixed Fixed bug where the email notification was not sent to the question author. Changed The language of default email templates is now set to "All". Fixed Fixed bug where an SQL-injection was possible in some pages. Fixed Fixed synchronization bugs in left navigation.

Added Loader image is now displayed when parent topics are loading.

Fixed Fixed topic dropdown list overflow bug in question form. Added Added jLayout for Question page. Added Questions can now be displayed opened.

Fixed Fixed url bug for topics with same alias. Fixed Fixed bug where the questions text was not displayed for sub-topics.

Fixed Fixed Home link in top navigation. Fixed Fixed bug in left navigation when clicking multiple times on topics. Fixed Fixed section parameter for topics icons. Added Top navigation menu button stays active if menu is open. Fixed Fixed bug in top navigation when left navigation is disabled.

#1875 – Disable Link in Topic Header

Fixed Fixed bug in version checking in backend.If you face a problem with a product, we offer a 7-day money back guarantee. Just contact us before upgrading and we will take care of everything.

Date format: Show questions opened: What do you think about our support team? Select whether to display the question answer content. Notify moderators: If enabled, questions will be displayed open, otherwise, the user must click on the question to reveal the answer.

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