Sab se pehlay Pakistan.,, Toronto Public Library. Subjects. Musharraf, Pervez. Pakistan--Politics and government · Presidents--Pakistan--Biography. Uṭal maṇṇukku: [Pākistān̲ atipar Parvēs Muṣarak̲apin̲ vāl̲kkai varalār̲u] . by Pervez Musharraf; Nākūr Rūmi. Print book: Biography. Tamil. PDF the book- Sabse Pehle Pakistan- Pervez songs were made sab se pehlay pakistan pdf free download Sabse Pehle Mashiyat Naat.

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Since Shortly After 9/11 - When Many Al Qaeda Members Fled Afghanistan And Crossed The Border Into Pakistan - We Have Played Multiple Games Of Cat And . download Sab Say Pehlay Pakistan by Parvez Musharraf (ISBN: ) from site's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Sab Se Pehle Pakistan with President Pervez Musharraf; Former Army Chief join BOL TV network. Discussion Spring Onion PDF VETERAN.

Synopsis[ edit ] The book consists topics regarding Musharraf's personal life to the international and national issues and his rise to power. He writes about his childhood, education and life.

The memoir also includes some very important international events which had direct connection with Musharraf and his policies. Besides these he writes about his life in Pakistan Army and the major assassination attempts on him. Views on war against India[ edit ] Musharraf writes in his memoir about the wars that took place between the two rival countries after independence, namely Indo-Pakistani War of , Indo-Pakistani War of and Kargil Conflict. He criticizes Nawaz for setting him aside as military commander and believes Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif had been under the immense influence of his father, Mian Mohammad Sharif, who influenced prime minister Sharif to stage the coup against him.

On September 11[ edit ] Musharraf, in his memoir, says, he had little choice after the September 11 attacks but to back the U.


Pervez Musharraf agreed to back the U. Secretary of State Colin Powell on a phone call to him. He said "You are either with us or against us". The next day, he says, Powell's then deputy, Richard Armitage , telephoned the chief of Pakistan's top spy agency, and threatened to bomb Pakistan back to the stone age.

On the pressure aforementioned, Musharraf accepted all the seven points, set before him as demands, by Colin Powell. This readiness amazed Washington and has been criticized since in Pakistan.

All feature the picture of Pervez Musharraf at the centre of the green and white background. The Urdu edition hit the market 3 weeks after the initial publication in English. In the US edition the president appears in a salutary posture with his right hand fingers touching the forehead. In the UK edition, the author seems in a thinking posture with his left hand fingers kept on his chin. In comparison with the US edition, the UK edition sports a crescent on the silky green background of the book.

In India[ edit ] All the copies of the English version were sold out in India during the initial stage of the launch. The Indian distributor had ordered another copies to meet the demand, according to the news reports. Copies sold in India outnumbered the copies sold in Pakistan citing the curiosity in analyzing his viewpoints.

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Sab se pehlay Pakistan.

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Sab Se Pehle Islam Phir Pakistan is available on:

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Sab Se Pehlay Pakistan urdu translation of In the Line of Fire - A Memoir by Pervez Musharraf

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