Otros formatos: PDF · EPUB · XML Dicha disposición incorpora en su anexo el listado de las razas caninas españolas. especies bovina, ovina, caprina y porcina y de los équidos, se añaden las siguientes nuevas razas y. Epub Feb 3-The Effect of Resveratrol on the .. reproducción porcina es la inseminación artificial con semen refrigerado. Para que de las diferencias entre razas puede variar en función del diluyente utilizado. Por lo tanto, y en. razas de cerdos es la gran duración del ciclo productivo, ya que los animales deben tener un mínimo de 10 A diferencia de la oría de razas porcinas empleadas en la producción actual, el cerdo ibérico es un Epub /03/ doi.

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más polimórficas de ambos genes en diversas razas porcinas ha indicado, La tecnología de los secuenciadores Helicos, PacBio y Ion Torrent permiten este. (Spanish Edition) by José Bello Gutiérrez PDF, ePub eBook D0wnl0ad la obtención de razas mejoradas, las explotaciones porcinas y sus. Alto nivel de visibilización con múltiples sistemas de búsqueda, DOIs, ORCID, pdfs dinámicos, xml jats, epub, con conexión a gestores documentales como.

The anesthesia protocol and surgical preparation have been previously described. Coronary angiography was performed via left carotid artery access after intracoronary administration of nitroglycerin. After inserting an intracoronary guidewire, the different stent types were implanted in the selected area of each artery.

Devices Analyzed For this study, we used the following devices numbers in parentheses : 1. The stent is constructed of 6 crowns joined by 3 rows of concatenated connectors that create a continuous sinusoidal structure Figure 1A.

Figure 1. The stent structure has 8 crowns joined by 3 rows of unlinked connectors that create a discontinuous sinusoidal structure Figure 1B. The polymer is permanent and from the polyacrylate family. It releases sirolimus at a dose of 1. The sample size and number of stents included in the study were calculated according to consensus documents on preclinical stent analysis.

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Documento BOE-A-2016-7639

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Journal of Heredity 97 3 , Peinado B. AGRI 38, Ollivier L. Alderson, G. Gandini, J. Average daily weight gain ADWG was determined for the total period of lactation as well as for two intermediate periods from post-natal Day 0 to Day 15 and from Day 15 to Day Back-fat depth and loin diameter were measured immediately at the P2 point, at the level of the head of the last rib, using an ultrasound machine with a multifrequency linear array probe SonoSite S-Series, 5—8 MHz; SonoSite Inc.

Then, the head was separated from the trunk at the atlanto-occipital union and weighed in order to determine the ratio of head-to-body weight. Afterwards, all viscerae were removed and weighed together. Finally, major organs brain, heart, lungs, liver, intestine, kidneys, spleen, pancreas and adrenal glands were weighed individually for assessing possible patterns of asymmetrical IUGR.

The following weight-ratios were considered: weight of brain, heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, intestine, pancreas, spleen and adrenals relative to total viscera weight. Assessment of the metabolic status of piglets Blood sampling was performed, during sedation, by puncture of the vena cava cranealis using sterile 5-ml EDTA vacuum tubes Vacutainer Systems Europe; Becton Dickinson, Meylan Cedex, France.

Parameters for glucose glucose and fructosamine and lipids profiles triglycerides, total cholesterol, high-density lipoproteins cholesterol [HDL-c] and low-density lipoproteins cholesterol [LDL-c] were assessed with a clinical chemistry analyzer Saturno plus, Crony Instruments s.All live piglets were tagged with earrings and underwent within-group fostering in order to equalize the number of piglets among sows.

Delgado J. Laval, A. The presence of overlapping branches that impeded correct vessel measurement was considered a criterion for exclusion from the angiographic analysis. Also on gestational Day 35, sows were pair-matched according to body-weight and 10 females remained as untreated control group group C whilst the remaining 10 females group HT acted as the treated group by receiving 1.


Vega-Pla, J. San Cristobal, G.

The samples were embedded in plastic resins to obtain circumferential sections representative of the proximal, medial, and distal areas and to calculate the mean values of each segment studied. Groenen, Y.

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