It has to be changed to application/pdf manually to work as expected. Does anyone know, how the content type for uploaded attachments is determined? Answer. Use PHP and the content-disposition HTTP header to force files to After you upload a file to the server, create a PHP document in a text editor. an MP3 file instead, you'd need to replace application/pdf with audio/mpeg. The correct type is application/pdf for PDF, not application/force-download. This looks like a hack for some legacy browsers. Always use the correct mimetype if.

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In Firefox , PDF mime types are displaying as application/force-download, as mentioned above. However, what I find interesting is that in Flock Gecko/ Firefox/ upload of pdf files fail cause of wrong mime-type . mime-type is send as "application/force-download" instead of "application/pdf". If I upload a PDF file to some site using firefox, the receiver gets the file is send as "application/force-download" instead of "application/pdf".

No problem of this sort on the 2 clean instals I just did.

It's clearly on my side, and not on Nuxeo's. It has to do with my Firefox profile. Other profiles or other browsers don't have the problem.

I'm not sure yet where it comes from, but I'm pretty sure deleting this RDF triple could to the trick. Testing it Ok, here is a little summary on the problem, I'm about to find the solution. Found a little bit of information about that kind of problem here: Testing it….


Then, the file is completely readable and complete and all. Just it isn't "tagged" with the good type. DefaultFileImporter] imported the document: This means that in your case the file you're dropping does not have a.

But I have something weirder. Here is the log for another file, named cledefa.

Force Files to Download (Not Open in Browser)

Where does all those numbers come from? I understand none of these files look like PDFs, for their filenames are either trimmed or padded.

But why does this happen in the first place? What's logged here is the internal document name visible in the url.

It's trimmed as we limit the size of the url component. The numbers appear when you already have a file in the Nuxeo folder with the same name last url component. Could you run a network trace with Wireshark here to find out what's sent by Firefox to Nuxeo? You should see a. Mike Connor [: Phil Ringnalda: Duplicate of this bug: Matthias Versen [: Vincent Lefevre.

D R Evans. Posted file convert — Details.

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