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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Penny Reid is really funny! It's a fun book, right up my alley, and I. Tras perder a su novio, su apartamento y su trabajo el mismo día, Janie Morris no puede evitar preguntarse qué nuevo tormento le depara el destino. Para su. Read Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City 1) Online, Read Page 20 of Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City 1), Free Novels Online, Read.

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Beard in Mind. Kissing Tolstoy. Elements of Chemistry Boxset. Beard Necessities. Love your book and your writing. You write for s smarter women. I saw Neanderthal Seeks Human for free on site and downloaded it. I know the title Scenes From the City is not available at this time, but is there any possibility that it will become available again?

Is there anyone people like myself who just discovered your work can beg, plead, cajole, or threaten to be able to get our little hands on Scenes From the City? Hi Brigitte! Thanks for your note! Thanks again, I hope you are well, all the best, Penny. Hi Penny! I absolutely adore your books and have downloadd ALL of them both for my e-reader and in audiobook format. I know that you are working on a Neanderthal Has Baby book which I am SO excited for but just wondering if you are thinking about maybe revisiting Nico and Elizabeth?

I love that they show up in your other books from time to time, but they are my absolute favourite couple and I would love to see how their life turned out and what their blissful adventures after marriage looks like. Also a baby Nico running around it always a good thing, hahaha. Here is what a 'normal' people would have thought if they were in her shoes. It's not like you did something horrible to lose your job.

You did nothing. How did Quinn know you were up in the Canopy room? Or did he? Did he go up there to get you or did he just happen to go up there? He must have known the people up there were shady. And- furthermore- since you suspect that you were slipped something, what is to be done about it?

My reaction would have been immediately asking these questions to myself, then to Quinn to figure out what the fuck was going on. Her reaction?

Nothing for a long time but then after like days!!! First she thinks he is a security guard. Then she doesnt. Then she is not sure what it is. And keeps seeing this guy. And it's obvious ok?

People call him Mr. Sullivan or Sir. At one point she thinks one of the ground staff was going to salute. Ooo I wonder why? He completely overreacted but do you ask yourself why? He puts guards on you but do you ask why? She says she is too flustered to question him. She nearly gets raped because she was drugged and it doesnt faze her. She doesnt ask any of those questions I mentioned to Quinn.

Hell, she doesnt even ask those questions to herself. She never tries to find out the truth.

She is never bothered with it. Knows her boss. Calls her boss by name. Acts like he's the boss where she works Or his boss's boss. And it's not a spoiler because from the first page it was too fucking obvious Quinn wasnt a security guard.

This girl. It would have taken 5 seconds. But noooo. It doesnt get resolved in until too fucking late. Other isssues: She even insults herself. More than once.

Most of the book, she is like 'Ohh why would Quinn like me. He tells he is going to a business trip but she thinks he is avoiding him. This girl is not capable of a rational thought.

And not in I'm-arrogant-but-in-a-sexy-way way. He came off as a jerk to me. And the worst part; Janie is too oblivious to see his faults. She is too fucking naive and Quinn definitely is taking advantage of her naivete. Plus, the misunderstandings between them both were insane and unbelievable, it's as if they were speaking different languages.

The only time her brain works is when she gets together with them. One of her friends points out how weird a situation is and only then she realizes the sitiation or how she should really feel. Because most of the book Janie doesnt react, she doesnt think trough, she is just there.

She is even more useless than a plant. She NEVER truly feels the weight of her recklessness and truly understands how dangerous of a situation she'd been in. Not until her friends tells her and even then she still doesnt get it.

The guy turnes her into a brouhaha of chaos simply by glancing in her direction. It's too fucking embrassing. I did skip a lot of stuff because the book is filled with awkward sentences and quirky, weird dailogue and quirky and unnecsarily too long paragraphs. I'm fine with awkwardness but oh boy this girl's awkwardness was too damn uncomfortable. View all 16 comments. How many of you are on Radish?! For those who don't know what the heckerino I'm talking about, Radish is an app available for mobile users to read serialized stories.

I'm going to be putting my entire back list up on there and eventually have some exclusive content: Read a total of episodes of any of the stories in the Summer Reading List collection and win 50 coins! You can use these coins to unl How many of you are on Radish?! You can use these coins to unlock other stories on the app. Click here to learn more about the Summer Reading List Challenge!

View all 4 comments. Feb 08, S. West rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is my third book that I've read by Penny and I must say, I am totally captivated and smiling like a dork as I read her books. Even the sad, dangerous or angry moments! Janie Morris is quirky, dorky, awkward and simply adorable! She was my bright light of eccentricity in a very predictable and ordinary world.

She made everything interesti 5 "You've made me fearless. She made everything interesting or funny. Looking forward to more of these gals. I found myself riddled with uncontrollable chuckling as I read the ramblings of Janie!

For instance, her thoughts on how she feels about Mr. Quinn McHotPants Sullivan: Left me wanting more!! And that's exactly what I'm going to do, diving into Neanderthal Marries Human View all 28 comments. Jul 28, Sabrina rated it really liked it. Currently on sale! I honestly don't think I've read a book before where a Hero was as silent as Quinn, but it worked for his character. And even though there wasn't a ton of dialogue with him I still felt like I knew him really well.

Without a lot of words and fanfare Quinn let Janie know how much he wanted her ans how much he cared for her. Though at first Janie was too stuck in her own head to even notice. Janie was a quirky and lighthearted heroine, and I really liked reading about her and getting a glimpse at how her mind worked. She was constancy stating trivial facts that I actually found really interesting and I loved that character trait. She also had the tendency to never stop talking but I loved seeing her with Quinn and how he wasn't turned off by her word-vomit.

Instead he found her adorable, and it made me happy sigh more than once. Janie and Quinn were overall a very cute couple and I have a feeling they may remain my favorite couple from this series even after I read the other books. If you haven't read this book yet, trust me you don't want this just sitting on your TBR.

View all 15 comments. Jan 05, Beverly rated it it was amazing. If all this happened to me I would be devastated but listening to Janie recount her horrible day had me laughing out loud at how funny she is.

On this day, the worse day of her life, she is escorted from the building by Sir McHotpants himself - the guy she has been staring at from afar. Janie learns that Sir McHotpants real name is Quinn and is surprised by the level of care and concern he shows to her. After talking with Janie and realizing how incredibly smart she is, Quinn refers Janie for a job at the security company. Quinn and Janie begin to build a friendship, it was so fun to see these two people who are both so different communicate.

Janie is someone who says exactly whats on her mind and Quinn is the quite brooding type. Watching these two together was addictive. I loved seeing how they worked together and wanted each other to be happy and have peace in the relationship. Both of them were selfless, not one gave more then the other. She also has a problem with randomly sharing these facts, so throughout the story Janie would work in a fact.

I loved how despite Janie being different then most girls, Quinn was completely enthralled with her. Every time she spoke he was dying to hear what she had to say, it was so endearing. This is my second book I have read by Ms. Her writing is so smart, witty, and addictive. Not to mention how good she is at creating diverse characters and I am not saying that lightly. Her characters are completely unique and eccentric, and I have loved all the ones I have met!

I highly recommend this story. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love Ms. I did listen to the audio version of this book and narration was great. The narrator was able to execute both parts and read with emotion. View all 35 comments. Aug 28, Wendy'sThoughts rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: In the past, when I have been emotionally taken by the writing of an author I have written blatant love letters to them.

If I felt indulgent, I would do that now I would write and talk about how much I love this story, the author and call it a day. But, this time I will attempt to talk about the intense feelings and realizations I had while reading this book. I will set the stage by mentioning this was n 5 Just Great I will set the stage by mentioning this was not my first experience with Penny Reid and The Knitting in the City series. Earlier this year I read blind her book, Loved Hacked.

It was part of this series and I was able to enjoy all of it without feeling as if I had missed something from the previous books. If you are curious, this was my review: Penny Reid takes people we know we have met, observed and wondered about They are the ones you sometimes randomly think about She creates friendships; meaty, close relationships between women who are so there for each other, it is sometimes overwhelming in the strength of it all.

Even the smallest character has thought behind it. Little seeds have been tenderly planted to flourish and grow in later entries. But there is a couple of really special accomplishments which struck me No, Penny writes of a real woman who has those parts of her personality but had to learn coping mechanisms to survive a childhood which would have destroyed most. She learned her "designated place" in the family and still was able to excel with the brilliance she was endowed This became her escape valve With those who learned and understood her Janie's mind runs so fast with much being analyzed through a filter of wonder But with all this happening This brings me to the love interest, Quinn He is not perfect Oh, who am I kidding He finds her surprising, strong and challenging in ways he has never experienced He has all of the strong "alpha" feelings for her He is willing to do whatever it will take to make this work and it is a first for him.

The chemistry is everything- it is sweet- steamy - hot - dizzy and loving Penny presents some very interesting moral and ethical discussions for us to take away There is a love story; a mystery of sorts and this introduction to this group of people you would kill to have as friends in your life. Well, I tried not to do the "Wendy love letter to the author" review I am thinking it is ok to fail The great news is this was the first in the series and the following books have been equally great.

Lucky you, you get to read all of them one right after the other Neanderthal Seeks Human Knitting in the City, 1 https: Neanderthal Marries Human Knitting in the City 1. Happily Ever Ninja Knitting in the City, 5 https: Dating-ish Knitting in the City, 6 https: Marriage of Inconvenience Knitting in the City 7 https: For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways. View all 26 comments. Janie Morris is having a day from hell. She just broke up with her boyfriend, after having found out he cheated on her.

The heel of her show broke off on a sewer grate. Spilled coffee on her favorite blouse and she's just lost her job due to downsizing.

Neanderthal seeks Human - Penny Reid (A smart romance #1)

To top the day she is having, she's being escorted out of the office by the HOT security guard she h 4. To top the day she is having, she's being escorted out of the office by the HOT security guard she had been ogling for the past month, Sir Handsome McHotpants!! Seems like a bad day right? Actually, her luck really starts to change from here in the BEST of ways.

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McHotpants aka Quinn Sullivan, sets her up with a job interview. It's obvious that Quinn is very much attracted to Janie, but Janie is utterly clueless. She sees herself as this big headed Neanderthal and Quinn is one of the beautiful people who would never give her a second glance.

I loved how completely goofy she would get whenever she was alone with him. Her ramblings were very cute and endearing. Quinn seemed to enjoy all the little tidbits of scientific and mathematical information that Janie would ramble on to him about when she was feeling awkward around him. I was in awkwardly shaped head Neanderthal league, and he was in the hot ninja millionaire league.

D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D in [P.D.F] Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City Book 1) Complete

Janie gets the job at the company that Quinn set up the interview for her and come to find out later on that Quinn is the owner of said company, which will have her questioning why she got the job and will she be able to keep it if their relationship progresses or ends. There are a great group of friends that Janie meets on a weekly basis to Knit with and they will be there for her when she needs them the most.

I loved how they were always cheering her on and how protective they were of her if they felt someone was trying to hurt her.

This story even has a bit of action and Quinn is just full of surprises. The romance was slow to build but oh so sweet and the sexy time was very PG but it never hindered my love for the story and I still ended up swooning pretty hard over Quinn.

For the love of Thor, I was missing him even when we were in the same room together. The force of the feelings and the virtually all-consuming nature of them made me want to hide under my desk until my brain and my heart and my vagina came to a consensus. I lost myself to him and to myself; to trust and to faith; and in that moment, I was fearless. I'm looking forward to the remaining books in the series and have definitely added Penny to my favorite authors list.

View all 30 comments. Let's start with the players Janine Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs: Janine is a socially inept, oblivious, gullible, overly analytic moron-slash-genius.

Her IQ is off the charts, but her sexual experience level is minimal and she is often clueless to what is really happening around her. She secretly is burning for t 3. She secretly is burning for the hot security guard nicknamed 'Sir Handsome McHotpants' with the deep blue eyes. Sir Handsome McHotpants: Quinn is a man of little words, who tends to speak in one or two sentences TOPS. He is uber rich, beyond handsome, has sparkly teeth, and rescues damsels in distress.

He doesn't date, because he is manwhore who simply doesn't need to.

Women throw themselves at him. He is clueless about the dating ritual, but finds himself very intrigued with the idea once he sets eyes on the hot quirky red-head accountant Janine. Now let's move onto the story We meet Janine when she is having the worst day of her life. She catches her boyfriend cheating on her, loses her job and much more. Quinn comes to her rescue as he is prone to do over and over! Soon, he is her boss -- only Janine is too clueless to figure out this obvious fact.

Yes, her naivety was so cute, but it was also a bit annoying! Quinn soon believes Janine is in danger of bad guys, and proceeds to try and rescue her a few more times while never letting Janine be the wiser.

He also thwarts attempts of her ex-boyfriend Jon with no 'h' from trying to win her back. Using very little words because, he only speaks in very short sentences as he is a man of little words he woos her with kisses and flattery until she agrees to date him. Yadda, yadda, yadda Oh, and cue 'evil sister' comes for a visit. Oh, I laughed alright! But I was also confused, to be honest.

I wanted to love these two, and at times I really did, but the nutty relationship and her complete cluelessness took its toll on me. The romance both worked and failed for me as I didn't always feel it. I really liked her, but damn I sometimes wondered if she was an idiot-savant because someone needed to download this lady a CLUE!

While the jokes were hilarious, the romance aspect was a bit weak. The passion and sparks weren't flying off the pages. And the heat level was pretty low, which is a personal disappointment as I like my romances with a good dose of sexy heat.

The ending really brought this book up a notch for me. It wasn't a winner for me, but I can see why so many enjoyed it. Jan 21, Sarina Bowen rated it it was amazing Shelves: I know I'm super late to the party on this one but it's great and I'm glad I finally made the time! View all 3 comments. Written April 10, 3. After reading a lot of happy reviews was the Besides the large number of Written April 10, 3.

Besides the large number of hours a wonderful entertaining listening. Not only fun, outrageously fun time to time. The same day Janie is losing her boyfriend, apartment, and job starts the very gorgeous handsome Sir McHotpants to appear in her messy life.

Well, how about later? This book is to be honest a bit too long.

I must admit that my interest wavered towards the end. Fourteen hours without more suspense action, only misty hidden sexy heat and no real speed of events made this book a bit slow for me. Besides that, I have only praise. This heroine Janie is among the funniest, most clever, brightest and craziest I've met in a long time. It was a pleasure to follow all those winding sidetrack her incredible brain thoughts and ideas are taking.

I swallowed a new thickness in my throat, knowing that I needed to tell him the truth. He is just wonderful and perfect in the role of astonished and amused admirer. It would have been fun with some chapters from his point of view as well. I had wanted to get to know him much better to be able to fall in love just as Janie did. Then we got the epilogue. This new narrator for me, Jennifer Grace was very pleasant to listening to.

I enjoyed her way of telling me this story. I'm glad I took the chance this week. Neanderthal Seeks Human is not so explicit in the romance heat as many romances I read nowadays, but in my opinion is that outweighed by everything else good that are offered here. This author is really well worth a second try later. Penny Reid shows here a big talent for very funny scenes and subtle delightful characters.

I LIKE - crazy geek heroines Reread and it was so much fun as I know how the relationship of Quinn and Janie evolves in next six books. They are weird and misfit but they gel perfectly together.

Feb 17, Hannah G rated it really liked it. Overall I'm rating this book 3. This was my first book by the author and I ended up enjoying this. Janie was hard for me, as the book went on I liked her less and less. She was very judgemental and liked to label people. What I did like about her was her random factoids and overall her charater was well developed.

Quinn was the perfect man for this book. I liked his character and he made this read s of times better. The romance in this book was lacking a tad. I felt that the relation Overall I'm rating this book 3. I felt that the relationship progression went to quickly.

It would have been better to see the characters connect and not Janies problems.It needed a longer epilogue! Her characters are completely unique and eccentric, and I have loved all the ones I have met! Jun 10, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it it was ok Shelves: For me, it was everything I enjoy in a book. Anyway, back to Quinn, he takes her bad habits in stride. I need you to be a good guy.

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