Hi, We are currently using for Java in our product and were looking to upgrading it. The last time we did it was in We at Aspose strive to bring you of the best and most useful products for developing solutions efficiently. To this for Java are incorporated into Aspose. In the installation page ( components/ it says.

Aspose.pdf.kit For Java

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Uploaded by: LORENE for Java into one product with the release of for Java The merge was achieved by autoporting to. for Java free download. Get the latest version now. is a Java component for Pdf document manipulation. for Java is a PDF document manipulating component that enables Java applications to manipulate PDF documents without utilizing Adobe.

To this end we have introduced many APIs to suit your needs.

Some of these have not been commercially viable. As a result, we have decided to discontinue them. For more information, please contact the sales team. These products were discontinued several years ago and we no longer offer technical support for them.

This page lists all those products which have been discontinued. Discontinued products are no longer sold and are not included in Aspose. No major new versions or new features will be released for discontinued products. Technical support is offered until the last subscription expires for example, 1 year. Critical issues for example exceptions or crashes are fixed until the last subscription expires.

Products discontinued from 15th November, Aspose. These features are now integrated into Aspose. Imaging for Java. Kit for Java Merges Last year, we merged Aspose.

Pdf for. NET and Aspose.

Kit for. We have now auto ported this version to Java, effectively merging Aspose. Kit for Java.

Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

Thank you for the inquiry. The TextSegment class is available in the com.

During the whole migration activity, we have definitely considered the impact of this activity over existing customers and we have tried our level best to minimize this impact as much as possible. We are afraid that the getFormattedText is not available in the PdfExtractor class.

You can extract text from the PDF document in various ways as well as the text formatting. Please refer to these help topics: The old license file Apose.


Lic will not work with Aspose. download forum because they could guide you better on this. Please let us know in case of any further assistance or questions. Kit for Java Aspose.

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PDF Product Family. O-L-G-A Hi, We are currently using Aspose. All current files are having imports as import com. Hi, Thank you for contacting support.In order to ensure that our products are the perfect solution for you, every product offers a free evaluation version which is not time limited.

Adding watermarks or logo to PDF files with Aspose.Pdf.Kit for Java

As official and authorized distributors, ComponentSource supplies you with legitimate licenses directly from Aspose. Kit you can concatenate two PDF files into a Pdf file. At Aspose you will find a wide variety of feature-rich components all of which can be downloadd individually or in one powerful suite, Aspose.

Enterprise Java development. NET examples, The derived works can be deployed to one site physical location within your organisation.

Imaging for Java. Total for Java is a compilation of every Java component offered by Aspose.

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