Get Flashpoint(The 39 Clues: Unstoppable 4) PDF, DJVU, DOC, EPUB. Aiden and Meg Falconer find and confront the man who could free their parents in this thrilling conclusion to the first ON THE RUN series. Aiden and Meg. Read about Flashpoint, Book 4 of The 39 Clues Unstoppable series, by Gordon Korman. must pay the ultimate price. Get the book or Get a Sneak Peek (PDF).

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The 39 Clues: Unstoppable has 12 entries in the series. 39 Clues: Unstoppable (Series). Book 3. Natalie Standiford Author (). cover image of Flashpoint. The 39 Clues. The Clue Hunt. The Maze of Bones. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download File. One False Note. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Download. Thank you very much for downloading the 39 clues unstoppable book 4 flashpoint. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have look.

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No thanks. When he awakens, Galt threatens him, but Cara tells Galt to back off.

And then, unless Dan is mistaken, and he may be, she seems to help him escape from the plane that they are currently waiting in. Then they are off to Phenom Penh to find the final ingredient—the venom form a Tonle Sap snake. Which means a trip through the amazingness that is Angkor Wat Meanwhile, back in Connecticut, Nellie was captured in her failed attempt to rescue Sammy. But Pierce keeps his enemies close.

And once it is discovered that Nellie is a great cook, he forces her to cook desserts for his guards and staff. And they are all pretty psyched because she is a such a good cook. She knows she is still in a prison, but it feels less intense since the guards actually seem to like her now.


We also learn that Debi Ann is indeed part of the Cahill family line and she is pretty annoyed with how she has been treated. The middle of the book features a traitor, who may yet be able to provide help to the Cahills.

And there is a surprising revelation about April May. Dan tries to defend himself with a crowbar, but discovers Amy and the others. He recounts his interrogation, and they board the plane to go to Cambodia.

Flashpoint (The 39 Clues: Unstoppable, #4)

However, Nellie attempts to win her jailers approval by cooking for them. Sammy and Nellie discuss their ultimate goal: "to sterilize the test tubes", which is code for destroying Trilon Labs.

Finally, the Cahills arrive at Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia and the location of the country's largest airport.

Hamilton Holt is waiting for them with a rickety boat called the "Kaoh Kong". However, the journey takes over eight hours in extreme heat, and no one likes the idea.

Soon, they pass the village of Kampong Chhnang, and enter the Tonle Sap, the largest lake in Cambodia. Amy thinks that it looks like a gigantic liquid mirror.

And, over half of Cambodia depends on the lake for their protein source. The room is clean and spacious, and the owner, Mrs.

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Bopha, spoke no language known to humankind. In Cambodia, the group reaches Angkor Wat, which is extremely enormous. Angkor Wat is a funerary monument that was made of stone and had five tall towers, the middle one over two hundred feet tall. However, Jonah and Hamilton visit the Rith Map Crocodile Farm, as the snakes were originally crocodile food before they became endangered.

When Jonah sees a snake in a croc pen, Hamilton jumps in without a thought, nearly getting eaten by a crocodile. Cara is afraid of her father's terrible plans, and wants to help the Cahills defeat him.

Series: The 39 Clues

However, Amy and Dan have to decide on this matter. However, while the Rosenblooms and the Cahills are hunting for Tonle Sap snakes, they discover that Galt and five thugs are chasing them.

Atticus lead them into Ta Keo to hide, which was the only temple in Angkor that was never finished. However, the discover that they are trapped, and that there is no place for them to go inside the temple.

But Amy detects a hidden room beneath them due to her serum-enhanced powers. Chapters Pages [ edit ] The groups agrees with Amy and moves some stones in order to go into the room.

However, it is easy for Galt and his goons to discover their hiding place. Meanwhile, Amy detects gunpowder in the room, and Atticus discovers that there are ancient fireworks in the room.

The ancient Khmer used the fireworks in rituals and celebrations, after learning it from Chinese travelers. When Galt and the thugs enter the room, the groups sets of the fireworks and knocks them out. Then, the groups escapes from Ta Keo, and points several Cambodian police in the direction of the temple.

Meanwhile, at Trilon Labs, Delaware, Nellie and Sammy are supposedly creating the "Franken-serum", which was a version of the Cahill serum that had not side-effects at all yet provided all of the enhanced powers associated with the serum.

However, they are actually trying to "sterilize the test tubes", or destroy the complex and halt the production of serum. They are trying to do this by creating hundreds of gallons of nitroglycerin and detonate them to blow up the entire complex. Even though Nellie is almost discovered transporting nitroglycerin by Dr. Benoit, senior ranking scientist at the lab, she makes it to her destination- storeroom A.However, Nellie attempts to win her jailers approval by cooking for them.

As the story starts out yes, I am still bitter about what happened at the end of Book Three—and I must report that that was not redeemed in any way, so yes, I am mad at the series for the senselessness of what happened to a favorite character of mine , Dan is being held prisoner by Galt Pierce. You have to sign in, first! Amy and Jake fly over the landing and delivers the antidote. However, Cara actually helps Dan escape, and he runs out of the plane. Galt and Cara Pierce, the children of J.

And after two verses, two bridges and two choruses, the song ends. I hope you like it.

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