the Facebook page: (Book 2: Colliding with Fate). PLEASE DO just a game, that I lost on a bet and that's why I've been acting like I. The bet pdf ilurvbooks. Click here to. The bet by kimberly joy villanueva reviews, discussion, bookclubs, lists. Colliding with fate the bet, spin off. The Bet - [].txt - Ebook download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read Or just search: Ilurvbooks There are two songs for this chapter: Shakespeare in.

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The Bet book. Read 76 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Drake Swift has never lost a bet with his best friend - until now. His puni. Bet (Published Book) - The Bet (Very Important. Please Read)" by ilurvbooks - " When Drake Swift lost in a bet, his best friend wanted him to court a girl in a. (Blacklily); The Bet (ilurvbooks); Crossing the Line (sweetrax) Girl for a Girlfriend (chelsea_13) - PDF, EPUB; That Uptight Man (beeyotch).

And now, because I lost, I have to do what he want s me to. A sigh escape from my lips. This will be the last time I'm going to do a deal. His scowl turns into a smile. I'll court someone of his choosing for a month and then I'll ask her to be my girlfriend; she should say yes.

At that point, I'll tell her it's just a game, t hat I lost on a bet and that's why I've been acting like I love her. This time, our bet is a secret. We can't tell anyone about it. Andre is worse than I thought.

I can't believe he wants me to hurt a girl. Even though I'm bad, I never dreamed of hurting a girl. Well, that's karma, a part of me says. But I have no choice.

When you lost, you don't have a free will. A deal's a deal. Andre starts to raise his forefinger. So this is it then, he's just going to pin point someone?

I groan. Andre looks around for a minute, considering whom to choose. I squint my eyes in the sunlight to see her clearly. All I can make out is that she has honey blonde hair that falls past her mid back. I can't see her face bec ause she's looking at the ground while she's walking.

I give Andre a questioning look. He nods to the direction of the girl. She's walking towards us, and because she' s looking down, she bumps into a guy.

I laugh at her clumsiness. The guy steadies her, and then she looks up. When the guy walks away, the girl turns to us. For a fraction of a second, her p ale blue eyes stare to my dark ones. She looks away quickly, but not before I se e her face flushes in embarrassment. Confused, I turn to Andre. I look around again f or the girl but she's nowhere to be seen. Maybe she is a transferee.

I don't recognize her. He snorts. He playfully punches me on the shoulder. Even though it doesn't hurt, I glare at him.

Really, I don't know the girl. Of course you don't know her, a voice in my head says, You hardly notice anyone not worth your attention. Awesome, now I'm talking to myself. I think I'm crazy. You can get to know each other," he says teasingly, wiggling his eyebrows. I want to punch him, but I control myself. I have to act cool. Besides, it's onl y a month. I bet it's only going to end up being a week because she'll fall for me that quickly.

Courting a girl I didn't even know existing, until now. I wonder what her reaction will be when I ask her out. Maybe she'll jump for joy. Who wouldn't, with my looks? A grin appears on my face. I 'm too confident. I hope I won't fail. She cat ches my eye and her feet trip on a rock. I choke a laugh, causing Andre to shake his head. The first day of the bet. I still can't believe why I agreed to do what Andre wants me to do. I hope nothi ng will happen in this month. For thirty days, I will court her, and on the thir ty first, I will ask her to be my girl friend.

Sophia Taylor, what will I do to make you fall in love with me? I think to mysel f. She walks to my room without knocking, her blue eyes , the same shade as mine, are full of hate. My name is Drake. That chocolate coated cake I found in the refrigerator yesterday.

After clas s, I was so stressed that I had to find something sweet! And when I saw that cak e, I couldn't help myself but eat it, savoring its delicious taste. I can't take her whining anymore, i t is so irritating. It was just a piece of cake! Girls are so annoying.

They are creatures that are selfish, immature, envious, w ar freak, and self conscious. That's why I've never been in a relationship befor e; I don't want to be committed to a girl. I'm tired of their personalities. I can't even stand my own sister. I'm not even that close to her, considering we 're twins. Well, we don't look anything alike, save the eyes. I am older than he r by one minute and thirteen seconds.

We're always teasing each other so we just end up annoying one another. Driana is nothing like me. She's sweet and kind to everyone, except me.

I know h ow lame that sounds. She's intelligent, not that I'm not smart. Who am I kidding? I almost flunked one of my subjects when I was a junior. Driana taps her feet on the floor impatiently, and puts her hands on her hips. My head's starting to throb.

I still don't have a plan, but I won't let that stop me from winning the bet. My parents' yelling is my alarm clock. They fight everyday; seriously, every-sin gle-day, since the misfortune, not bothering to think about their sleeping child or our neighbors. I don't know why they married each other when all they do is argue. I'm beginning to get used to it so I don't question them.

I should have l earned from their broken relationship, but I didn't, so now my heart is torn in half. I thought love was the greatest feeling in the world.

I waited for my prince for fifteen years, and when he came, he swept me off my feet. Our love was like a p erfect love story. He was my shining armor. When I was with him, all my worries and problems seemed unimportant. All I could think about was how happy I was to be in love. In every relationship, someone's bound to get hurt. U nfortunately in ours, it was me.

When we broke up, my life came crashing down on me. It's been almost a year since then, but the memory remains in my heart and mind.

Glass shoes? Prince charming? They are just fake, a trickery of the mind! The authors of fairytales have good imaginations; making their peo ple, places, and stories seem very real.

But the real world is hell. I have thirty more minutes before I have to go to school, so I tune out the yell ing of my parents by putting my headphones in and turning up my music full volum e. Why can't he leave me alone? He's been bothering me with that question for almost two hours now. It started when I got out of my car.

An d for now, he believes that I have a plan. Young says, "please remain silent, so as no. The questions are a piece of cake. I read the topic twice last night so I'm not confused, and I answer faster than I intend to do. I need a plan. Of course, first things first; I need to talk to her.

Accidentally bumping into her? Borrowing something she owns?

Think fast! Time is running out, in just a minute, I mean an hour, I'll be havin g Literature with her. From what Andre has told me, Sophia is smart, an only chi ld, and a nice person.

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Well educated, huh? An idea pops into my mind.

I'm here to listen to the discussion, not to hear his chatter. He doesn't stop s o I twist on my chair and am about to glare when my eyes lands on a pair of fami liar blue eyes. The eyes that stared right through mine yesterday, the eyes of D rake Swift.

Did he switch place with Ella? I don't remember him sitting behind me. He looks at me questioningly and I turn around and try to follow the discussion. Ha ndsome guys are my weakness. Looks can be deceiving! He may have an appearance like an angel but I know that he's wearing a mask. According to his sister, he's a jerk. Thanks to Driana, I d on't have a crush on her twin brother anymore. Remember that, Sophia, never fall in love with a jerk. Oh, scratch that, never fall in love again because you wil l end up getting hurt, like before.

But I can't erase those eyes from my mind. T he color of the ocean, the sky, the-"Sophia," Cristina mutters beside me. What now? Coelho, our Literature professor, asks, raising her eyebrow. What is she talking about? I have to focus. Sophia, take a deep breath. Erase the thoughts that are clouding your mind. Can you? Since you have the highest grade on the previous test. Oh no. I heave a sigh and mutter, "That's okay, I think.

Can I decline the teacher? Of course not. When he notices me staring, h is facial expression becomes blank and he turns to listen to whatever Mrs. Coelh o is discussing. Tutor Drake Swift in Literature. Thank you for reading my story!

I am forced to tutor him because he doesn't understand A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, the play we are currently analyzing in Literature. We'r e just on Act 2 Scene 1 but I already finished reading it. I don't know why he d oesn't get it; it's quite simple, really. Drake is looking at me like he's trying to figure me out.

I try to act confident , and not be intimidated by his presence. After Literature, we agreed to meet in the library after both our classes ended.

He suggested that we should meet at t he coffee shop across the school but I refused. So here I am, sitting across from him, staring at his awfully handsome face as h e tries to read the play. How can this guy be Driana's twin? Yeah, they have the same sapphire eyes which. I don't know anyone else sharing the same hue as theirs. So why don't we eat first, and then you can teach me l ater?

What does he think of me? Someone he can download? A gold digger? Someone who wi ll go with him because it's free? My ego is hurt. I push my chair off and stand up.

As I'm about to walk away, he grabs my arm to stop me. I look pointedly at h is hand but he doesn't let go. I didn't mean to--" "If you want me to teach you, listen carefully," I say through gritted teeth.

I cross my arms across my chest to s top them from shaking. He still has the nerve to joke! I hope he gets my point. He resumes reading so I sit back on my chair.

I don't know why I over reacted but he shouldn't thi nk low of me! I get him to be speechless - one for Sophia, zero for Drake.

He knows nothing about me! He doesn't know that after class, I usually go here, in the library, to study. I don't have anywhere else to go; going home is not on the list. As far as possible, I want to stay here as long as I can, but the lib rary closes at six in the evening. So whether I like it or not, I have to go hom e and study there. But I cannot. How can I study if there is constant yelling and screaming in the background?

So when that happens, which is always, I put my headphones in their full volume so as not to hear my parents fight. I'd rather have loud music as my background noise instead of them. There are some days and nights when the house is silent. That means one of them is not home.

I tried to runaway but I have no where else to go so I end up coming back. Where is that? Before, my home was where he was. My refuge, my hero, my first lo ve. I still remember that day, the day he told me he loved me. That he couldn't live without me. I was so sure of him; I loved him with all my heart, more than I lo ved myself.

He knew about my family, our situation, and he filled those gaps. I was blinded by his all consuming love. But I forgot that life is cruel. Nothing is here forever. My friends told me he doesn't deserve my love and that I'm better off without him.

He couldn't be trus. She starts to say something. Coelho will pick Pie as my tutor becau se I was the one who checked her paper in the previous test. I can get to my advantage. I lost everything. Isn't your name Sophia? Pie is an appropriate nickname. I wonder if she has any other things to do besides studying.

She doesn't want to lose and I'm not one to back off either. But I have to get the help of my sister. She le t it go by saying. Sophia and my twin evil sister are friends.

She looks at me sm ugly in return. I wonder why she doesn't like it. Knowing she's intelligent. I took it to my advantage and s tarted there.

How did she found that Draky. I'm glad my plan worked. I try to control my anger. I know beforehand that Mrs. I stare at her blankly. She looks at me in bewilderment. But how does Sophia know? I slap myself mentally for forgetting what Andre told me. This girl has an attitude.

He will just break my heart and will leave me like his past girlfriends. I don't know where Driana got that s tupid moniker. I am thankful of Andre. When you call people names they don't like. Just call me by my whole name. Bu t I didn't believe anything they said. I defended him. Because of him. She's staring at nothing in particular. If she will help me. It's kind of ironic how I know now what she feels when she calls me that.

I snap my fingers a few inches from he r face to get her attention. I can't read her. Closing my eyes. A cute dimple appears on her right cheek as she smiles.


Her pale face reddens in embarrassment whe n the full blast of what she did sink in. Pie looks at me and mumbles. I'm so smart. I forgot her name. After a moment. I am the center of my world. I don't know she has a d imple! But how can I know before? I just saw her yesterday. Am I the one who slapped the table? Am I the one who nearly shouted? The students look at us sheepishly and mutter things only God knows what. P ie is smart.

I can easily think of something. He really is my best friend. I have to relax to think properly. I feel like all t hose years. On cue. When t he librarian. Being with her makes smirking a habit. She chastises us. I can see that she see of Pie and put the blame on me. She has not even heard of it yet and she already declines. I pinch my thigh to control myself from grinning. I don't even know sh e is friends with my sister if Andre didn't tell me.


My lips twitches upward as my next words tumble out of my mouth. I'd rather walk in the daylight alone. I can't think of a logical explanation where that light comes from.

Far ahead. It's a school night. Black feathered wings are sprouting from the stranger's back which I just notice. That's all I see around me. I don't see anything. I made a progress this day.

Where am I? Trying to find my way. Even if m y eyes are closed. Feel free to write what you think about my story: I know there are more chapte rs after this. Sure enough. I'm so proud of myself. I walk to that direction. The one who wrote that haven't walked in complete darkness.

The saying. I walk blindly forward with my hands outstretch before me. But maybe if I have someone with me. I see a glow of light. Glancing up. I don't see anyone else besides us. Looking around. My arms try to grab anything to stop and slow th e fall. Just like that. My instinct says I have to g et out of here.

I put my arms around him making him smirks. I get up from my bed and head for the bathroom. This is my death. Nausea fills me.

My lung thuds painfully in my throat. I'm afraid of falling. Is running good? If he has wings. I scream for Draky to save me. Taking a step back. Glancing beside me. I see in the alarm clock that it's just passed three in the morning. He just continues to go up. I don't even know why he comes to my mind. Truth is. Taking a deep breath. Staring at him hurts my eyes.

Afraid of falling. Good work Sophia. The guy turns around at the sound of my voice. Trying to pinch him to get his attention. Looking up. Sweat pours down my face as I wait for my breathing to return to normal. Gravity pulls me down so fast. His sapphire eyes became darker if that's even possi ble. But what if they're not real? My heart thuds painfully in my chest. He has a horrible e xpression on his face and his eyes says he's clearly in pain.

But he doesn't do anything to save me. I'm afraid of heights. A startle gasps escapes from my l ips as I stare at his face. I'm so dizzy and my head throb s painfully. When I don't respond. Why am I afraid of him? I haven't seen the face of the strang er and I'm already giving him a name. His hair is as radiant as the sun. A bit too sweet. Sophia, I didn't much relate to her. Oct 03, Kevin rated it really liked it Shelves: This is such a cute read!

Mar 04, Zoella rated it did not like it. Didn't like it: Slightly, but better. Apr 23, leann rated it did not like it Recommends it for: I don't even remember why I continued reading this novel, but I suppose I wanted to write a review badly.

This is my first time writing a review rant? The story was very cliche, and there were many grammatical errors i. Ironically, I was wearing a peach blouse today. I didn't think they weren't important to the story, and they were immediately solved within one chapter. Sophia's ex, Skye, was mentioned in the middle of the story, and what he did had left her heartbroken and scarred? She finally told Drake about their past, but he was inconsiderate to her feelings, and started joking around and being cocky, yet she was perfectly fine about him acting so.

She then quickly got over Skye in that same chapter she was sad! I felt extremely unsatisfied with how that problem was solved; there was no solution! The same thing happened with Drake's story of his parents, where his father cheated on his mother. When he told her and his sister, Driana, about his discovery, the mother said it was okay because they had made a vow at their wedding and she still loved him.

I could not agree with her speech, and it wasn't exactly a valid argument, since he had broken that vow the moment he went behind her back with other women.

I could not connect with any of the characters and it was difficult to sympathise with how they were feeling. The novel overall was a bore and I honestly feel as if I had lost a few brain cells reading this.

I don't see how this could've been published?? Oh my goodness! I can't believe I wasted my time reading this story. Well, technically, I ditched the whole story. I'm sorry for what I am going to say about this book, but I just want to be awfully honest. I wouldn't have thought of reading this story but after watching the trailer of the film adaptation of this book, I hurried and searched for this story in wattpad. The plot sounded so cliche but what sparks my attention was the actor and actresses who portrayed the film adaptation.

And you kno Oh my goodness! And you know me, I have a habit of reading the story first before watching it. But dang! I just wasted 2 hours of my life with this awfully written story.

And the characters?! And surprisingly, it was written in English which is not what I expected. Can anyone think of another scene that we haven't watched or read yet? And the name of the characters, obviously, the author is a die-hard Taylor Swift fan.

To read more of my reviews, book news and updates: Main Blog: Blushing Geek Facebook Page Subscribe to mailing list So this book had a nice storyline, a good start, and at the begining interesting writting style. But then something happened. It became boring and very very common. I cannot honestly say that I saw any character development and if there was any, it happen so fast that it didn't make any sense. For example how did he fall for her? Like what? How the hell??? God knows Then the girl was immature.

Pla Okay. She wanted revenge, how original! And a revenge she didn't really take. You know what with happen from the start. And do not mistake me, I'm, the kind of person who peeks at the end before it starts to read a book, I like that classic stories, the once that you know what will happen, it relaxes me because in our lives nothing is predictable. But hell, if you take a storyline that other have use time make it damn good, hook me up, make me want to turn the damn page even though I know what will happen.

But that did not happen. Dec 29, Amity rated it really liked it Shelves: I read this book last year, back when I was a newbie on Wattpad, and I must say that this is one of the best books on the website.

It's simple, lighthearted, and just It revolves around the lives of Draky and Pie and the love that comes between them. There are some scenes that I found a little "filler" that doesn't contribute to the plot that much, but the flow is good - neither dragging nor rushed. However, the downside of the book was that it has a lot of telling, not showing; I read this book last year, back when I was a newbie on Wattpad, and I must say that this is one of the best books on the website.

However, the downside of the book was that it has a lot of telling, not showing; I couldn't feel the characters' emotions that much. When I found out that the book was published, I was totally excited that I roamed the entire mall just to find the book More power to the author!

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Aug 01, Lona Yulianni rated it it was ok Shelves: Temanya sama, yaitu teenlit, tapi entah kenapa ketika baca The Bet ini terlalu terasa cheesy dan remaja-banget-banget. Personally, saya suka cerita tipe-tipe begini: Satu hal yang saya rasakan banget ketika baca novel ini adalah adegan-per-adegannya yang kurang mulus, jadi ketika saya baca terkesan buru-buru dan loncat-loncat.

Tapi semuanya termaafkan dengan ending yang lumayan oke buat saya Dec 29, Aira. This is an easy read and I give it four stars! The first thing when I saw this book on Wattpad, I though it was a book about soulmates due to the fact that the book cover is a girl who is holding a rosary. That's just me When my sister got a chance to go to Manila, I told her to download this book. Now that I have the book, I read a few chapters and I already love the characters.

They are so relatable it's like I'm watching a romantic movie. There are plenty of romances, dramas and humors. That's why This is an easy read and I give it four stars!


That's why I like this book. To make it simple, this book is literally amazing! Sep 14, alis added it Shelves: View all 3 comments. Nov 10, Sabrina Marielle rated it really liked it Shelves: Actually, when I first saw this book I first notice the cover and the title.. It's too catchy. I know what to expect in this story but still I bought it.. Simply because stories like this is timeless. No matter how cliche it looks like, it is still fun to read.

Less drama than other books.. It's not that hard to take. So for those people whose looking for books to read for past time.. I strongly recommend these types of books. View 1 comment. Apr 08, Ria Divina rated it liked it. I loved the story! Though the turnout of events were expected I loved how expressed their thoughts.

Thank you for this book. Jul 20, Franche Paradela rated it it was amazing. Oct 31, Blesie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Two thumbs ups ang story nito sa akin,, promise hindi ko siya mabitawan ;. Nov 20, Maria Madrid rated it it was amazing. Here's my review - http: May 25, Shusuke Fuji rated it it was amazing. Great book! Grammar is great! Someone looking for a short and sweet story.

It's even surprising when you find out that everything you want is not going according to plan. I remember loving this book just as much and Sophia and Drake were an amazing couple which I looked up to. However, after reading Unrequited , I felt like I just wanted to read a nice quick contemporary, and felt intrigued to remember the Wattpad story which I loved all those years ago and went on to get published.

First of all, I think the 2. My only actual criticism for the writing is showing not telling, Villanueva told us a lot of what happened, rather than showed. However, I think the main downfall of this novel is that the story: Many side characters acted the way they did out of plot convenience rather than that's what their character would have done in that situation i.

His punishment? Make a girl in school fall for him and then break up with her just as shes fallen for him. But who would be oblivious enough to fall for that? Enter Sophia Taylor - quiet, brainy, and unassuming - the perfect pawn for their game. And for Drake, that's all it is - a game. But is it? Drake finds that Sophia is quite more than he bargained for. Perhaps he has her figured out all wrong.

The real question is, will Drake win the bet, or will Sophia win him over instead?Quotes from The Bet. No trivia or quizzes yet. Aunt V chats along the way. This girl has an attitude. I begged my mom to let me stay in our house but her decision was firm.

Drake and Sophia are two completely different characters. Hardcovers and paperbacks might be the words of antiques.

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