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We are proud to present our last production: the DVD “Manual de la guitarra flamenca” by Paco Serrano - be the two version: normal tempo and to practice slow tempo, Doble E-book .. The other PDF has all the Falsettas tabbed. . OF SAVAREZ FLAMENCO TOMATITO STRINGS HARD TENSION!!. Tomatito's Paseo de los Castanos Score, Volume 2 The Great Flamenco Guitars of Grandes Guitarras Flamencas de Hoy/The Great Flamenco Guitars Of Today Library) cellar en Jerez de la Frontera in a pure Gypsy style, from an Argentinian bolero to a Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Flamenco, La Guitarra de Tomatito (Transcriptions in TAB and Conventional Notation) [Tomatito] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Useful to every guitarist who need a varied repertory or improve it in this complicated art of accompaniment.

Scores book USD A grate Flamenco repertory including falsetas, rhythms and primary chords that are usual in the main flamenco styles to accompany the cante singing and baile dancing. All times and styles and all the big names of the flamenco guitar until the last generation included. It took two years of investigation, compilation, and complete transcription of this precious collection. No musical theme presented here has been published before.

In its greatest part, we got accompaniments to give sing almost exhaustive and instrumental compositions. We give you all the sources for all the falsetas, recordings or other way of communication. This volume includes as well a list almost complete of solos with references. Music notation and tablature. Spanish, English and French. Transcription of Alain Faucher. David Leiva USD The flamenco guitar guide has all the keys to compose falsetas, chords, progressions, scales o improvise easily and fastly.

It is a fundamental guide for beginner and professional guitarists: - More than diagrams of chords containing all chords Do, Do , Re, Re Diagrams and Progressions. It shows the most interesting chords and progressions of each flamenco style used by the great Masters of flamenco guitar.

Pages: This unique guitar method help you develop your flamenco playing. Whatever your skill level! You'll learn accompaniment for singing. Flamenco metronom and singer without guitar included in the cd. Flamenco dance and sing method with its accompaniment Voice or guitar Vol. In the sing voice is configured a melodic example of traditional lyrics and its characteristic accents, meanwhile the guitar voice carries out an accompaniment example which includes more than 70 falsetas of different levels and two hands techniques.

Antologia de falsetas – Tangos 1

This material turns towards guitarists, singers and dancers. Composers and interpreters of another music style can insert themselves in flamenco or extend their knowledge on this music style. Conservatories or schools that offer this kind of music studies can use it as teaching method. The Cd collects all the sings, sung by the singer Juan Pinilla Lampara Minera Award in the festival of the Minas de la Union and includes 2 tracks for each sing; the 1st sing and guitgar; the 2d guitar only and the 3rd sing only.

Style and flamenco musical analysis Vol USD The master Manuel Granados gives us a material with a high teaching value and suitable for the flamenco teaching methodology, specially made for conservatories and musical schools where they give this speciality. Like for professional who need a study list created within the current educational framework. This work gives us a pure flamenco vision, being pioneer in the study of flamenco styles and their musical analysis.

With more than musical examples and several graphics, this first volume about the Solea exposes formal ideas and basic style beginnings, since their historical transformation and their formal and concrete layout. As said the master Manuel Granados in his prologue: Understand and analyse the works of our flamenco songbook reinforces our inspiration and allow us to innovate from the knowledge.

Maria Jesus Castro USD These exercises book allows the student to acquire the same learning tools than the other students who study music, and who are doing their training, not like the flamencos, thanks to an efficient didactic material historically consolidated. Maria Jesus Castro gives a good operative methodology at the Flamenco history subject at the professional level in the flamenco guitar studies programmes and an extra notebook of didactic exercises in order to consolidate what has been learnt.

The notebook is an innovate proposal, pioneer in the flamenco pedagogy, which objective is to make easier the education, for the student and for the teacher.

This work is thought as a material of reference for the education although it s possible to use it as well as a self educated methodology for those who are interested in flamenco, who in a gradual mode, want to insert themselves in the data immensity which contains any historical approximation. David Leiva USD The flamenco sing and its accompaniment is the first work which collects all the basic melodies of sing and traditional dance structure, written for two voices: sing and flamenco guitar note.

In the voice of the sing, a melodic example is configured with traditional lyrics and characteristic accent, and the guitar voice is an example of accompaniment which includes more than 70 falsetas from different technical levels with the both hands.

This material is for guitarists, singers and dancers. Composers and singers of another kind of music have access to flamenco or extend their knowledge on this kind of music.

Conservatories and music schools can use this material as pedagogical material. We can also listen to all the falsetas and the accompaniment of the guitar.

The third volume is about the fandangos families, sings and Cantes de Ida y vuelta. Artists David Leiva 16 18 Paul Martinez. Special accompaniment edition. We offer you the sing and you put the guitar! The exercises are with guitar tabs and score.

Contents: 1. La guitarra flamenca 3. La escritura musical 7. Las sevillanas 17 19 Acordes de ejemplo para las sevillanas Ejemplo de sevillana: 'Mi portal' La letra 'Mi portal' La rumba Los tangos La letra 'cosas del querer' For teachers, pupils, fans and musicians in general.

The progressive approach of this method leads the pupil to start with an autodidactic form, and the teachers, to have in their hands a new and modern guide for the educational practice. Moreover, it treats other aspects as musical language, harmony, explanation of the parts of the guitar, like changing the ropes, positioning of the body, advices about how to have good nails and 14 advices of study.

This method also will treat the accompaniment to sing.

The CD contains all the exercises, falsetas, works and accompaniment and sing in traditional audio and in mp3 to have a musical reference. We take in charge the singer and you, the guitar! CD with flamenco metronome included. Style study. Felix Sierra.

Jorge Cardoso. In this treatise, not only pianists but composers, musicians in general will find a meticulous study of the rhythmic, harmony, melody and formal structures of each palo and its practical transformation for the flamenco piano. We re in front of a new didactic material which incorporates scores for the learning and interpretation of the traditional flamenco piano, resources for improvisation, composition and styles fusion.

This third volume of the flamenco piano collection approaches the Bulerias study, the most festive and modern palo. Format: A4 pages Languages; Spanish, English.

Tauromagia by Claude Worms. The Master portrays musically each of the different segments of this rite. You will discover in these pages a real masterpiece. Those who feel attracted for this magic line must be conscious that they are attacking an extremely fascinating task. You are in front of one of the most beautiful and perfect creation that flamenco has engendered. Flamenco harmony Vol.

It s very helpful to understand and transcribe the toques of the masters describing, moreover, the flamenco composition from the basis.

Score book with a CD spanish pegbox, transcription for guitar by Rafael Moreno. Interpretation of 8 famous pasodobles with flamenco and classic guitar by Rafael Moreno. The work, which is made up of several volumes, is very interesting for teachers, students and guitarists from all musical universes flamenco fans. The book, published in music and numbers, divided in several sections, completed by a CD of 51 tracks allows the guitarist to practice without the help of any teacher.

Classical Guitar

Detailed description for the development of the two hands. Exercises and technical studies for the development of the two hands.

Spanish A4 Format, 76 pag. Claude Worms. A4 format pages 41 43 Introduction to the Piano Flamenco by Carlos Torijano Carrasco USD This book contains an initiation method to the flamenco piano as accompaniment to sings, as a guitar would do. The followed school is the School of Jerez. For it, we have detailed every Palo, or flamenco style, in its elementary components: introductions, variations and closings. Combining them, we will be able to accompany, to a basic level, to a flamenco singer.

The major or minor success in the choice of the variation will depend on our own musical taste. In the First part of the book there are detailed which are the typical skills used in Flamenco guitar and its adjustment for piano, later on, in the Second part, basic tools are given to be capable of making a peace of each one of the Flamenco Palos studied.

Bulerias USD Play guitar alone can be frustrating for a lot of flamenco guitarists. For those who have never got the chance to be born in Andalusia or Madrid or Barcelona , try to find a singer with who sharing this music, can be totally utopian.

Si buscas música flamenca, video o DVD, por favor visita:

To play in duo allows to share good musical moments and to dominate the compass, especially the most rigorous palos presented in these books. The scores could be used of 2 ways: playing in duo with another guitarist, or with another engraved guitar or playing alone the first part of guitar and, sometimes, both parts.

Two flamenco guitars for party. C'est pourtant le triste sort d'un grand nombre de guitaristes de flamenco. Artists Claude Worms 45 47 Claude Worms. Artists Claude Worms 46 48 Claude Worms. The study of each palo' consists of: The explanation of different measures applicable and the different claps accompaniments. Articulations, measure, anticipation and rhythm exercises A melodic theme composed by the author Juan Parrilla, which will help the pupil to apply the things learnt in the former exercises accompanied by the guitar, percussion and palmas.

David Leiva USD The collection "Combo flamenco" is an educational work to introduce the flamenco styles with 4 voices. The flamenco guitarists and all the musicians as the flutists, the bass players, the violonists, pianists, percussion players The frist voice is for the flamenco guitar, the second one could be played by any melodic instrument if you are working in G clef, the third one is for the F clef works and the fourth voice is used by the percussion players and thedancers and "palmeros" of a traditional flamenco.

The CD includes the method showing themes under 4 differents forms: the first trackis the complete work, the second one is without the guitare, the third with the guitare and percussion and the fourth without percussion. The book includes a CD of all six transcriptions.

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Music and tablature. Even more unusual is that they should work, shoulder to shoulder during several months in order to offer the most faithful transcription possible, of the interpreter, following the instructions of the guitarist-composer.

Many flamenco transcripts contained only sounds notes , leave out musical aspects such as dynamics, timbre or expression, to name just a few elements, and just reflecting very little about music composition. The results are a new dimension in transcriptions for the flamenco guitar, using contemporary musical notation techniques, the natural habitat of the composer-turned-transcriber.

Outside flamencos or not! Flamenco guitar method by Gerhard Graf-Martinez. Volume plus CD-Audio. All styles, compositions and studies are recorded on CD in original tempo and slow version. This two-volume method contains both his extensive 56 58 inside-knowledge - acquired from his intense and friendly co-operation with "gitanos" and "maestros" - and the valuable experience of his long-standing teaching activitiy at national and international seminars and workshops.

The world-wide successful Flamenco guitar method is finally available in English. This two-volume method contains both his extensive inside-knowledge - acquired from his intense and friendly co-operation with "gitanos" and "maestros" - and the valuable experience of his long-standing teaching activitiy at national and international seminars and workshops. Your first method. Another section deals with the setting and programming of the different versions.

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All channels give alarm.David Leiva USD The flamenco sing and its accompaniment is the first work which collects all the basic melodies of sing and traditional dance structure, written for two voices: sing and flamenco guitar note. A fault code is displayed by briefly pressing the test tone button. Music notation and tablature. This volume includes as well a list almost complete of solos with references. Original Audio falseta 7.

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