BPO interview questions and answers. Tell us something about yourself? This is usually the first question you would face in any interview. The basic purpose of. BPO is abbreviated as Business Process Outsourcing. When a Top 25 BPO Interview Questions & Answers for . Download PDF. about Call Center? Call center is a service desk, where a large volume of calls are handled by the customer associate in order to render. Top 50 Call Center Interview Questions & Answers for .. Download PDF.

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Sample Interview Questions with Suggested Ways of Answering A. This is the dreaded, classic, open-ended interview question and likely to be among the first. This PDF enlists all the relevant questions with the ideas of answers which could be possibly asked in a BPO Interview. Although it's usually assumed, appearing for a BPO Interview can lead with a difficult task to face before getting into the final round of the job.

Source Rounds of Selection The company in which you are applying can have different rounds of interview. This may range from a phone interview, timed aptitude test, group discussion or an extempore though rarely , computer proficiency test, and finally a personal interview.

There are companies in which you'll have to appear for all the above rounds and then there are companies which have only one selection round known as personal interview. For example, one may have PI and aptitude test and the other one may have telephonic interview, aptitude test with a PI, and another one may have only personal interview.

Depends and varies from company to company. Somebody from the organization will probably call you and ask for your permission for a telephone interview. After that your call will be transferred to the actual interviewer who might ask you basic questions such as "Tell me something about yourself", or "What are your salary expectations? So be prepared with all the basic questions as you might have one to crack.

If you are not in a position to attend the interview at that moment, then ask them to schedule according to your convenience. It's totally all right if you say this. Phone Interview Tips 2.

Aptitude Test An aptitude test is where you would be given multiple choice questions to test your language, thinking, and the ability to solve questions quickly. This is a timed test wherein you will be given a time limit to complete your test. This is generally a minute test. An aptitude test requires speed and accuracy, there may be questions of mathematics, English vocabulary, and logical reasoning type questions.

Some questions are really very easy and some very tough. The best possible way to crack this one is practice sample aptitude test so that you get the feel of it and are confident when you actually appear for one. Search the web for some sample test.

Practice it and mind you it will do wonders and is fun at the same time. Computer Proficiency Test Source This will be a simple computer test wherein you'll be tested for your typing speed and basic office applications skills. Most organization take this test only for people who appear for back-office job profiles rather than voice process.

If you are applying for a technical process then you'll definitely be tested for your computer skills. For technical processes having basic computer hardware knowledge is necessary.

Here your knowledge about current affairs and knowledge about the various happenings around you come into play.

Top BPO Interview Questions and Answers for Fresher

Normally topics for GD's are sourced from current affairs or from age-old topics such as "What came first Egg or Hen", or "Tomato a Vegetable or Fruit". Current affairs topics can be such as "Demonetisation: Good or Bad". You have to take either the side that is for or against the argument. Whatever your decision is "for" or "against" one must justify with adequate facts and personal insights.

The interviewer can ask you any type of question to check or cross-check you.

Tell me something about yourself. This generally is the first question that you will encounter typically in any interview. To answer this question just say something about yourself. First introduce yourself by saying your name and where you reside.

Then tell why you should be hired for this post and what qualities do you have that should be good for this job. From your past experiences what qualities you bring. Don't say anything about your family as this question is to tell something about yourself.

A 1-minute introduction of yours will do the job. Tell me something about your family background. Explain about your family and what they do in life. What is a BPO? What is your understanding of a BPO?

BPO Job Interview Questions and Answers With Tips and Suggestions

Businesses do this to save cost. Cost is saved in labour and a company can concentrate on its core job which may be to generate new business.


Other operations such as after sales support or customer care are normally outsourced. What is a Call Center? A call center is a place where large number of calls are handled. Broadly speaking there are inbound call centers and outbound call centers. An inbound call center is where a client or prospect calls, basically where incoming calls are handled.

These calls can be of product inquiries, customer care via web, email, fax , or it can for telemarketing or business promotion. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Tell them your strengths and weaknesses. There may be follow-up questions to this question so answer carefully. For example, if you say hardworking and honesty are your strengths then they may say that "It means you are not a smart worker" and for honesty they might provide you with a situation such as this "Suppose your best friend has met with an accident and has called you to take him to the nearby hospital.

Read Best BPO Interview Questions 2018

You were in a hurry, you forget your license for your two-wheeler and a traffic constable has caught you. The different types of BPO are: Are you Comfortable with the shifts and as well night shifts?

When it comes to the shifts then a person who is willing to work in a BPO Sector and also well prepared to crack down the Interview should not lack behind by saying the direct answer. Why do you see BPO as your Career? BPO has always been a career opportunity for me as you are exposed to a new field, wherein a person can develop the personality and communication skills.

Apart from it BPO is a well-diversified Industry. Why Companies Outsource? Companies outsource because it is cost saving and focus on core activities leading ahead to get quality work done by the expertise in that domain.

Will you be comfortable handling customers on the phone? Say Yes! It is the most important thing interviewer wants to know about your ability handle the customers on call, because the main task involves here is to handle the customers and resolve their queries. Why do you think you will do well in this job? This is another question wherein an interviewer wants to know about your mindset. In this situation, mention several reasons like experience, interest and skills.

BPO jobs are chosen by most students and fresher candidates. They can be added as an experience while writing a resume.

The main target should be to clear the interview in a good way where you do not find doubt in itself and feel bad. So, just study these questions and answers for BPO interview and get your job easily.A call center is a place where large number of calls are handled.

You can describe your qualities that suit the work culture of the organization, like Website: Abbreviate the following with respect to BPO terms?

How do you rate your communication skills? I am a hard-working guy and a quick learner.

I could feel bad about it forever and keep making the same mistakes, or feel bad about it, move on, then address the problem.

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